PVD method
Physical Vapor Deposition
By forming a coating film using a high purity solid material, It extends the life
of the product by increasing the hardness on the surface of the sharp product to reduce wear.
※ Applicable to dental tools and mechanical parts.

Enhancement of Surface Hardness Properties using High Density Plasma Method
1.It can be deposited at a low temperature of 200 degrees or less, so the material limit of the coating product is small.
2.Denser than normal coatings, resulting in small wear and toughness, and higher resistance to acidic and alkaline chemicals.
3.In addition to manufacturing DLC coating films, the PVD processing method also allows various coatings such as TiN, CrN, TiCN, CrCN, etc.

Engine gasket
Wrist watch
Medical supplies
Lead frame
Cutting tool
Mold punch
Gas spring rod

Coating using HiPIMS
(High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering ) power
DUTY CYCLE, which is lower than the commonly used DC PULSE power, enables high peak current density.
This allows for a higher density of thin films than those using conventional DC PULSE power.